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He is there, always ready to talk. When was the last time you had a conversation with God? Have one right now! Anger, Prejudice, an uncompassionate spirit. Many have carried these three things around in their heart for years. Though they claimed to follow Jesus, in this area of their lives they are walking in the opposite direction as our Savior. They hate America, and so they hate them. They don't care if they go to hell or not. He wanted to see the people of Nineveh, enemies of Israel, face the judgement he felt they deserved. He was angry when God saw their repentance and showed mercy.

I am the only judge that matters. I care about these people too, even though they are wicked. These people are LOST!

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Is there anyone you hate, dislike, or have given up on because of anger, prejudice, or a lack of compassion? Ask Jesus to forgive you and help you see that person, or those people, through His eyes today. The wait to meet our grandchildren lasted nine months but was so worth it.

When I first met them, they didn't have to say a thing. I could feel the effect upon my heart. Today's verse speaks about waiting for our blessed hope, Jesus Christ to return to take us home. The birth of each of our grandchildren was a special occasion. We had waited patiently for them to come into the world and I still think about the excitement, the thrill, of meeting them. I remember asking myself if I am just as excite about the return of our Lord. When I first met Jesus, He didn't say anything either, but He spoke to my heart.

He changed my life. I can only imagine what the second time will be like, when I see Him in person. If it's at all like meeting my grandchildren, I will be overjoyed. You don't have to wait for His Second Coming, you can meet Him today, and there is no nine-month wait. You can accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior today by simply repenting and asking Him into your heart.

Like a new born child or grandchild, He will change your heart! I am always amazed how we refer to people by their occupation. And what if people could tell we were Christians without us saying a word, not by the shirts we wear or the WWJD bracelet what would Jesus Do , but by our actions as Christians. These are some tough questions we need to ask ourselves.

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If someone meets us for the first time, will they know we serve Jesus by our love for others instead of ourselves? Today's verse shares where Jesus went to speak to His Father. I find myself taking moments, no matter where I am, to talk with God, much like what Jesus did as He rose early in the morning. I thank God that it doesn't have to be a specific place, or a specific time or doing a specific thing. That's one of the blessings that we received when Jesus went to the Cross.

Suddenly, all mankind had direct access to the Father, through Jesus! It's almost like our cell phones. We can call anyone at anytime in almost any place. The key of course is making the call. So it's not where but when. Do you call God? He is always ready to listen! A missionary in Peru told of going one evening to visit a small group of believers. She knew that the house where they were meeting was located on a cliff and that climbing up the pathway would be treacherous. From her own house she took a taxi as far as it could go, and then she began the hazardous ascent to the house.

The night was dark and the way was very difficult.

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As she rounded a bend, she suddenly came upon several believers carrying bright lanterns. They had come out to light the way. Her fears relieved, the missionary ascended the path easily and had a good meeting. In a similar way, God lights our pathway. When we accepted Jesus as our personal Savior, He who is the light of the world entered our lives and removed the darkness of our sin and despair.

This light continues to comfort us through times of sorrow and despair. In the midst of sadness, trouble, illness, or disappointments, the Lord brightens the way and encourages His children by giving hope.


This may come through a word of exhortation from a fellow believer. It may be the soothing illumination of His word by the ministry of the Holy Spirit. It may be a calm reassurance in response to heartfelt prayer. Or it may be the miraculous supply of a specific need.

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For the believer, there is always light in the darkest night! Remember, God sometimes puts us in the dark to show us that He is light. Proverbs ESV says, "Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. When I was a kid I was a Boy Scout. Our scout troop would do a lot of hiking and camping.

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One time on a camping trip we were teamed up with another scout from our troop and we had to take our compass and map and go into the woods and find our way to a certain point. That may not sound so bad but there was over a thousand acres of woods!

The scout that was with me was pretty new to scouting and I thought he would not be the best choice to get us to our destination, but he was the "one in charge" according to our Scout Master. Well, after a few hours in the woods, I found out that he knew what he was doing. As we hiked through the woods, we became disoriented and lost our way. None of the surroundings looked familiar.

Not sure what to do next, my friend said, "Trust me.


After a few hours, we found ourselves on a familiar path that lead us to our destination and then our campsite. I wasn't sure how he did it, but I learned to trust him. Sometimes in life, we may not be sure just where God is leading or what He is doing in a certain situation.

It is then that we need to trust Him with all our hearts. In the end, we will see that He will lead us on a path of safety. The key is to let go and let God, whether we understand or not. As I sat down and began to read my Bible to prepare a devotion, I found that I was in a hurry. I usually try to get them done by a certain time to post them, but I was a little late.

So, I grabbed my Bible and trying to rush through it, I realized that I was missing the message of each verse I read. Then I realized how impatient I was. That it became more about sending them out than reading the Word for me. I was losing the message of the message. It became more about getting it out than getting it IN.

I humbly repented and sought first His Kingdom and the message He was trying to tell me.

I am more aware of how much of my time is spent trying to get my goals accomplished instead of His goals and make the necessary changes. I pray that you too will seek His truth and His Spirit for without it, we are lost in a world of us.