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Of course she incapacitates the coveted minivan, leaves the doors open for the Zs and flees, but she is never seen again. No payback at all! I kept hoping it would get better but alas, it did not. Firs Zombie book I really hated.

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What do you think your next listen will be? Not this guys next book, that's for sure. Aggravating, pretentious, grating. What character would you cut from Containment? Better question, which one wouldn't I cut. Do some research my friend. Your setting was Alaska. A fishing trip one summer is not research. What made the experience of listening to Containment the most enjoyable? This book never stops, it's a roller coaster of action!

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What did you like best about this story? I love the action and adventure. How does this one compare? The narration is Pitch perfect. Was there a moment in the book that particularly moved you? Its not too often that a series actually improves on the original but this time it did.

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The story and characters deepened considerably. Almost the entire first book was a great scene setter for the first stages of the infection, which is usually just the first few chapters of most other books. This second book doesn't rush through anything either and plenty of time is devoted to the characters and group dynamics.

Even a secondary character gets plenty of depth through the telling of an plot-irrelevant but interesting WW II story. Neil is a great leader, although he doesn't take up too much space. Malikai turns out to be a really interesting character. And Kim I still think about her!

The book is also unpredictable, nothing turned out as I expected it would. The one stupid thing is with the car; I'm with Emma think it was her on this and don't know why they didn't try to find another one. Who wants to be out on foot for any reason let alone a zombie apocalypse? Bicycles would be better! The ending is, similarly to the first book, kinda weak.

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I described the ending as a cliff hangar in the first book, but its not really. With both books perhaps its more like a speed bump. Both the books just kinda end with little climax and resolution. Maybe that's just the zombie style ending the author is going for, not everything has to end with a bang and happy feeling.

All the same, this is definitely one of the better zombie series out there and its now one of my favorites. I would recommend it because it does have some good points, but I'd also have to point out that it does have a lot of annoying little flaws that make it less believable.

What was your reaction to the ending? No spoilers please! The ending was quite good, and a little sad, but also one of those moments that wasn't quite possible. Without giving away the plot it is hard to say what was good and bad about it, but I will say if you read it look at it for more than five seconds and you'll see my problem with it. Something happens to one of the characters while he is doing something at the same time.

And both things could not happen at the same moment. Which scene did you most enjoy? I do think the final scene was the most memorable, and so most likely the one I enjoyed most in the book.

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Do you think Containment needs a follow-up book? Yes, it does really. Too many things yet unresolved. I'll post here my reasons for why the book annoyed me a little. At one point they are draining gas and can hear something coming, but just ignore it and carry on draining gas.

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I don't believe anyone is this stupid, let alone three people. The group keep saying Neil is a good leader. He is not. He makes mistake after mistake and never learns from them.

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He splits up his group repeatedly, and more often than not when he does so he takes his strong members and leaves the weak. June 21, June 7, August 22, December 19, October 11, On the Content tab, click to select the Enable JavaScript check box. Click OK to close the Options popup. Refresh your browser page to run scripts and reload content.

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