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It was no great surprise that the series was criticised as nationalistic and even xenophobic, but it has to be remembered that the series touched on the essential fact that Thailand is alone among Southeast Asian nations as having never been colonised.

This is something that younger Thais might not have fully appreciated — until they saw it played out dramatically on the small screen. His last scenes cast a shadow over the classic happy ending of the hero and heroine beginning a loving relationship. Another fan wondered how nations that cherish human rights and other noble virtues today could have been so evil in the past. The series depicted, for example, foreign missionaries trying to lure the Siamese away from Buddhism. The plot at times risked becoming very serious indeed, but was promptly lightened by its elements of romance and comedy.

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This was a relatively low-budget programme, too, yet it drew an audience far vaster than that of another period drama airing about the same time, which was well financed and heavily advertised. The way history was woven into the tale, however, was the magic charm that kept viewers spellbound. Tuesday, October 08, Mosquitoes competed for space on our pocked flesh.

Think about it, people. That’s a lot of ways for your child to be exposed!

I married a brawny Canadian, an amateur naturalist with an adventurous spirit disguised by a law degree and a 9-to-9 job in Times Square. Early in our relationship, I caught a glimpse behind this facade when I found his iPhone filled with close-up photos of bizarre insects and obscure reptiles. Our honeymoon began with a three-day camping trip in the Amazon rain forest.

Jeremy booked the expedition through a lodge outside Iquitos, Peru, the only tour operator he could find that offered overnight stays in the open jungle. I agreed because it would be an opportunity to see Jeremy in remote wilderness, his most beloved environment. It would be like visiting his hometown together for the first time. We flew to Lima and then Iquitos, where we met our guide and traveled with him by boat to a small inlet along the Amazon River. The rising water had washed away our trekking path, too. Arnold lived alone in the jungle for weeks at a time.

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Towering foliage and oversize insects were his home territory; he would guide us through his backyard. At the outset, you could tell we were amateurs by our Osprey and Kelty backpacks. I admired Jeremy in his jungle get-up. His dirt-crusted pants were tucked loosely into knee-high rubber boots. I watched the glint of his wedding ring appear and disappear as his hands swayed, a reminder of the lavishly joyous party we had thrown in Boston.

After five hours of hiking, we arrived at a clearing. Our companions quickly worked their machetes, building a shelter from tree trunks, netting and tarps.

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It was just enough to protect us from the rain, mosquitoes, bullet ants, scorpions, coral snakes and cacophony of other perilous creatures that fascinated Jeremy and terrified me. The lodge had sent our guides off with minimal rations: a bag of rice, two cans of tuna and a dozen eggs 10 of them broken. To supplement, we set out on an evening hunt.

Our guides found a bird sleeping in a tree several meters up, then cut down a second tree and used it to club the bird from its perch. Jeremy awoke in the middle of the night to pee. Despite our efforts to keep the mosquito net closed, half the jungle flew in the moment a corner was lifted.

Jeremy ducked back, bladder unrelieved, to commence killing the cloud of insects one by one. By the next day, Arnold was lost. Show More.

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JoAnn Ross triumphs again! Now the talented author returns Now the talented author returns to the bewitching Irish countryside in this irresistible tale of love's extraordinary possibilities. Prepare to be spellbound by the magic of In the exclusive world