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A popular minimalist blogger and author of The More of Less shows you how to methodically turn your home into a place of peace, contentment, and purposeful living.

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By getting rid of things we don't use, don't need, or don't love, we free our minds and our shelves for what we truly value. With a sense of fun, and a clear idea of what's realistic for most people, Gretchen Rubin suggests dozens of manageable steps for creating a more serene, orderly environment - one that helps us to create the lives we want.

With practical and warm advice, lifestyle designer and coach Kerri Richardson guides you to accept your clutter as a natural manifestation of your mind, body, and spirit looking out for yourself. It is your soul calling out for you to invest in self-care and to face the fears holding you back from being your best self. Richardson dives into the most common categories of physical clutter and provides efficient and effective steps for clearing the space for your physical, mental, and spiritual well-being to flourish.

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  6. Is your home and life filled with clutter? In a world of material things, we have become fixated with buying and having, to the extent that we often find that we have all the latest gadgets and fashions, whether we need them or not. This means spending excessively and then taking more time to clean and tidy up, leaving us feeling unhappy and missing out on more worthwhile pursuits.

    Your living room goes through a lot.

    Everyone wants to live in a home that they can enjoy and be truly proud of, but actually making that a reality is something else altogether, and something which a lot of us find particularly difficult at times. A big part of being able to do this lies in the opportunity to build your own […]. If you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact us using the button below. Whoever you are, you have arrived at a place where you are understood.

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    I need you, what next? Is this for people like me? Why do clients choose A Tidy Mind specifically? How exactly does it work?

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    How will this service benefit me? View Project Declutter one room Decluttering one room could take as little as three hours but make a huge impact. View Project Declutter your paperwork A calm, functional, inspiring work-space is essential for productivity and is completely achievable. View Project. View All Projects. Choose a Package. Quick Results One or two sessions usually under 8 hours in total , focusing on one room or area.

    Real Results Three to five sessions usually under 20 hours in total taking place over several weeks.

    The Slow Declutter: A Lower-Stress Way to Clear Your Home

    Extensive Results More than six sessions usually over 20 hours will make lasting change to several rooms or your entire home. MB — Ilkley. LS — Bradford. News and Events. House Doctor: Space Explorer Kate talks to Metro Newspaper about the best way to organise your home and genius storage solutions. How To Declutter Your Home Working together with Parcelforce Worldwide, Kate was filmed helping a client kickstart the decluttering and organising process.

    How to stop keeping things 'just in case' you need them Kate shares her insights with Red Online. How to live clutter-free Using these top tips Kate shares with Amara, anyone can achieve a clutter-free time all year round. You can start today, just grab your printable monthly calendar below.

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    Click here to sign up to get your 12 month declutter calendar if you're already ready to join for free! I understand the feeling of not having enough time to do everything you need to do in your home, including the process of decluttering. You can look at the drawer, the room, or the whole house and feel like you'll need to work for days and days to get it cleared out, and you don't have that kind of free time in your schedule! What if I told you you could spend a whole day a month on removing clutter and junk from your home without having to take a vacation day from work or slave all day in your home on your day off or during precious weekend family time?

    This challenge is possible because of a secret weapon any organized person knows about, and I'm going to share this simple, yet powerful secret with you right now. I've designed each of these Declutter Your Home Missions to take you 15 minutes or less each day. That doesn't sound like a lot of time, and it's not. Everyone can find 15 minutes in your day for something really important to them. But 15 minutes adds up when done consistently.

    In fact, if you add up 15 minutes each day for 30 days you get seven and a half hours! That's a whole day of decluttering each month without interfering in the rest of your life! When you hear this you may be thinking, that's great, but my house is a wreck so it will surely take me longer than 15 minutes each day to accomplish the mission.