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Justifying Disability Studies

For example, literary source criticism is deemed important in a graphocentric culture.

Indiana Studies in Biblical Literature

Yet, not all people in the world are literate, and most societies in biblical times were not graphocentric. Accordingly, much may be missed in the literary analysis of the Bible if attention is not paid to disability discourse.

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Given the plurality of models and perspectives that one could emphasize, integration of disability studies may range from including DS materials in opportune moments of a course, to a course devoted fully to a disability studies perspective. Regardless of the level of integration, there are at least five approaches to integrating disability studies into undergraduate courses on the Bible:. Discussion about the assumptions of this biblical author can generate further discussions of whether any modern societies see disabilities as the result of sin.

Many of my students note how some in our society see AIDS as a punishment for sin, which then engenders discussion about other conditions. The Book of Job, which denies that sin is a necessary cause of disability, can be used for comparison with the views expressed in Deuteronomy. This is an insight systematically explored by David Mitchell, who argues that disabilities play a central role in narratives and film. We are specifically told, for example, that the Israelites did not see Yahweh, but rather heard him Deut.

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The prophet Ahijah 1 Kings —7 is portrayed as perceptive despite the fact that the story specifically emphasizes that he is unsighted. In a full-scale course emphasizing disability studies, one can study systematically how different biblical corpora view disability and privilege some senses above others.

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The fact that biblical scholarship itself reflects ideological investments in the body can be illustrated by comparing writings from various periods and perspectives within biblical scholarship. We may note that Unger and other scholars were not concerned with how biblical authors empowered or disempowered the disabled through their rhetoric and theology.

Sociological studies may be introduced that focus on how modern persons of faith use the Bible to address their own disabilities. Lisa Copen of Rest Ministries, for instance, develops devotional literature to aid the disabled in living productive lives. Even if one does not agree with her theology, such resources are useful in studying how some disabled persons use the Bible on more practical levels. As noted by a number of disability scholars, experiential, inclusivist, and activist pedagogical approaches can also be useful.

The plasticity of the disabled identity can also be important to note. Disability studies is at least as deserving of attention as any other approach to biblical studies.

Introducing Disability Studies

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Save to List. The primary aim of this volume is to synthesize the two fields of disability studies and biblical studies. It illustrates how academic or critical biblical scholarship has shown that many texts Read description. Go to Basket. Ensembles and activities are open to students from all majors and levels of experience.

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