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It's greed, not just for money, but also power and prestige. Well, Jack, you know how the House Ethics Committee works, don't you? They can't define ethics, so they just give a slap on the wrist. It's about time the press does some investigative reporting. The key words in your question are "House Democrats. He will therefore promote the Democrat agenda.

In fact, Rangel will follow the Democrat agenda even closer because he is now beholden to House Democrats for effectively letting him off the hook. Corruption begets corruption. Would't it be nice if we got the same consideration? It's simple, they are all crooks.. We need to vote them all out.. It's also kinda funny how we can't do that all at one time, why is that? FEAR Jack. Remember, this is the congressman that was alleged to have told President Obama to watch his back when he was in Harlem.

People fear that dingbat. It sounds as though Rangel has some important secrets they're afraid of him releasing. The old saying, "It's not what you know, but who you know," is applicable here, Jack. Charlie Rangel not only knows the right people, he knows the right things he needs to know about those people.

He's got the power. The Democrats don't care what the public think. None of them do. The answer to rangel is to vote him out of office. I really wish he would step down if HE knew what he was doing was wrong, its no longer okay to say both sides do it, we need to clean house and get on the right track for the sake of our country. Vested interest! Rangel is powerful and has many established relationships with other members that will have to be redefined with a new chairman.

Because U. Charles Rangel D-NY holds dirt on the other Democrats and they don't want to be in the shoes he's in, so he's protected. Haven't you heard? The DNC and its members of Congress are a criminal enterprise. Birds of a feather flock together. Jack we should be numb to this, instead I am furious! We hold a press conference in Chicago and lament the violence on the streets and our youth not having a good moral compass and then the House parades this ass out there for all to see.

Illegals march in Chicago taking jobs from some of those kids on the streets. Our representatives would sell their mothers if they thought it would get them ahead and news anchors scratch their heads when the youth of today do not feel compelled to obey the law!!! Wow what a surprise Why is Rangle supported Remember Tatus O'Neal's coment in Paper Moon after her father stated was not crooked, that he had ethics—"scruples" was the word he used Tatum said: I don't know what scuples are, but if yu've got 'em they probably belong to somebody else.

Another Fox guarding the chicken house. That is the house of Tax Legislation. We need necessary changes in Congress. They support him the same way the republicans supported Palin and she almost came close to running your country. She was under investagation till she was asked to run for the republication vice president.

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I would have worried more about her investagation being swept under the rug. Because they are afraid Oh yes I can't really speak on this issue. For most of my life I was a resident of New York and Charlie Rangle comes from a time when things were done differently.

In New York City, he was alway a hero to the little guy and he's still a hero to me. All politicians are corrupt in some kind of way, it's the good they do that counts. After all these years, Charlie's one of the Democrat's "good ol' boys" in congress. The fact he's got himself in a ditch is beside the point. After all, it's only about money. Rangel's a great example of why the majority of Americans have such a low regard for Congress.

Why don't we let the House Ethics Committee do its job — complete its investigation into Charlie Rangel's handling of his tax filings. If he is found guilty, take the appropriate action — no excuses! If he is not guilty or the "misdeeds" can be properly explained, then leave him alone and let's get on with the business of this country. We have far more serious issues to worry about right now.

Remember, we are not out of the "crisis" yet. Fix the economy and get everyone back to work first, then we can worry about lesser issues like "who made a mistake" or "who can we burn now". Chalie is OK with them because he has power, just like lobbyists have power. It will take a miracle to clean up the mess the mess that used be called Congress!

Now it tastes bad. Why do House Democrats still support Rangel? Because they are all skunks.

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Skunks do not smell skunk, do they? In the spirit of transparency Congress has brought Mr. Rangel's dealing into the spotlight — and to borrow a phrase from the past Here's the problem. The truth is that Rangel is a powerful minority member of Congress. It's not that he transgresses. It's that if he is treated differently than Members of Congress who are not of color, it will look like he's being treated differently.

I hardly ever see race as an issue first, but in this case he is being afforded special treatment because of the Democratic constituency he controls. Each side is trying to get something on the other, to knock key people out of certain committee positions. Ensign is a ranking member on the Senate Finance Committee currently busying itself with the notorious health care bill , and Rangel is the Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee. About the only difference between the two is 'Senate' and 'House', and the fact the Senate committee holds sway over Medicaid, whereas the House commitee doesn't.

A multitude of Senators and Representatives are often hot to find a seat on their respective committee. And if that means they have to find something on one from across the aisle, and knock him her out of the way to get their person in there, or give their 'side' or 'team' an edge, they have no problem doing that.

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It would be nice to know if he was indicted what kind of song he would sing!!! I would really love to know!!!!!! I heard a term yesterday that might explain the lunacy in government the banking industry etc.. When there are no absolutes, everything becomes relative. My understanding of relative, is that truth is open to interpretation. Charlie Rengal's truth works for him. His truth is that he is a victim. The end result of no absolute truths is "collective Insanity". For the usual reason: the blatant double standard that exists when it comes to ethics in this country.

Republicans are excoriated for minor lapses while Democrats get away with murder. The overseers are anything but. Nice to see that you realize that leftist crooks can't walk on water. Sadly, the vote in the House was, as usual, along party lines. Why do birds fly and fish swim? This is called American politics and it never changes, so just deal with it! Jack, they're standing by him because no one in our government ever likes to admit that they're wrong, about anything or anyone. Some will continue to ignore the facts forever. Unfortunately, the ethics committee is where accusations like this go to die, so it's unlikely that anything will happen to him before he finishes his stint as committee chair, and even less likely that anything will happen to him afterward.

Ethics do not matter to either side of the aisle. We have so many cheats and liars in Congress, especially in leadership. Limit the time these losers get to run our country! There is something in the air in Washington that makes people in power forget where that power came from. Time and time again these people confuse their power with their own greed and it ultimately brings them down.

Unfortunately it often takes far too long.