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Let gratitude for your venue, talent, and team inspire you to fill the room. Promote your event in local publications, using online forums, such as a Facebook event page, and by sharing it with everyone in your network. Enhance the professionalism of these listings by creating a promotional header for the event and use any promotional images you have for the film.

A practical approach

Also, be sure to stay consistent in posting about the screening. Create spotlights for any artists who are guests for the night and tag their handles, especially when sharing their creative content, such as music videos. This not only introduces your audience to their art beforehand and gets people excited, but it also demonstrates good social media manners. There are plenty of resources online for writing an effective press release— this is one of my favorites.

The more awards and recognition you rack up, the more value you offer media sources.

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Podcasts, YouTube channels, filmmaking focused social media pages or groups, and alumni news are all great alternative sources of promotion. If a collaboration results from your outreach, be sure to promote it. Every time you hit a milestone, market it. Share it on social media, share your press release, and create new promotional content for your team to share as well. Go back through the steps above and consider the ways in which you can offer your audience exciting new content regarding your latest development, or offer a potential collaborator an inside scoop.

Film promotion

The more you strategize on how to entertain, partner with, and serve others through your promotions, the more you will end up getting out of your marketing efforts. Bottom line: if you do nothing, you get nothing back. Jackie Jorgenson is a 5x award-winning actor, 3x award-winning writer, and award-winning filmmaker. The role of social media in film marketing strategies has become integral to increasing the exposure and reach of new movies.

In the entertainment business, buzz is everything.

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The way to do that is to keep your movie top of mind for as many people in your target audience as you can. In this day and age, this invariably means making heavy use of social media to engage audiences, telling them a story about your movie and hopefully giving your product a life of its own that transcends the production and the cast. The crowded and complex landscape of social media is a tricky tool to use, but a well-crafted campaign can mean the difference between a film coming and going with a whimper, or becoming a massive, talked-about phenomenon.

A report by PwC on the media and entertainment industry projects a compound annual growth rate of 4.

This INNspired Article is brought to you by:. That growth in the entertainment industry is predicated largely on interested internet access worldwide. More people have access to content via the internet than ever before, allowing access to markets that were previously out of reach to the mainstream industry. The goal of any marketing campaign is to connect with a targeted audience and share content on a large scale.

Social media allows media markets a level of precision and efficiency that their predecessors never could have imagined.

Major social media networks are built from the ground up to identify target groups and provide marketers with the tools to easily broadcast highly specialized content directly to the right consumers within dedicated fanbases. Using these tools effectively gives marketers the potential to reach and engage huge numbers of people to gain traction and generate buzz. By designing campaigns to be compelling and shareable, marketers can make that content take on a life of its own as targeted users spread content to friends and friends of friends.

The aim is to make as much profit from the film as possible.

The distributors job will be to expose the public to the film and therefore increase the chances of the film being successful. What does a film distributor do? They will make a campaign to make the film as well known to the public as possible. This would include advertising; they may choose to advertise in a specific area to target a certain target audience or they may choose to advertise so that a wide range of target audiences take note. They will also decide in what media devices they will advertise for example, magazines, TV etc.

How does reach relate to film distribution?

If the distributors of a film decide to have a big reach and advertise to a wide range of people it will be very expensive although it could allow for them to make more money. They nay do this by deciding the release date so it will appeal to consumers. For example, releasing a Christmas film around Christmas time. They will also identify the films target audience so that they can expose their audience to the film effectively through advertisement and promotion.

Strategic Film Company :: Manifesto

They may have to take into consideration the genre of the film and what target audience this genre usually appeals to. The distribution plan will also have to consider the budget for distribution. Likewise if the budget is high they may be able to spend a lot of money on raising awareness of the film and even aiming their product at another target audience. Distributors usually sign a contract with producers which includes rights to promote their product in all media before and during the release.

What is meant by the marketing plan? The plan will usually start with the identification of what the consumers would like, this can be identified through market research. The plan will also include analysis of the current market situation. The marketing objective will be to create visibility, raise awareness and engage interest in the product. There are many ways to market the film such as the use of posters, trailers , online and mobile apps so that the film can be as accessible as possible.