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He rained kisses over her sexy body as he drove into her deep with all of his hard rod. He looked at her without breaking his strokes and she French kissed him their tongues fighting each other in their open mouths. Kaley writhed under him bringing her legs up over his arms at the elbows and he cradled them gladly as his cock tore up her wet cunt at a fast rate. Ray slipped out of Kaley whose legs fell limp on the sheets and stared at Melissa who raised her rump up high. He came behind her spreading her legs with his and inserted his twitching tool into her tight slot.

Her head went forward sending her golden tresses over her enormous boobs and she begged him to fuck her hard. Taking her butt in both hands he pushed on , he fit her like a glove and he proceded to fuck her nice and deep. She pressed her pert ass back at him and their bodies molded to each other. He looked at her tiny frame as he prodded her , she seemed so much smaller on TV. Kaley rolled onto her stomach by them watching intently , her sumptuous butt exposed and inviting. Despite her orgasm she wanted more of his incredible cock.

Ray looked at her as she ran a hand through her dishevelled hair , her green eyes making him melt. Without another thought he left Melissa and went to Kaley , parting her gorgous cheeks he stuck his cock in her waiting pussy resting his weight on her back and grinding back and forth while she shut her legs tight on his making for deeper penetration. Mel leant on an elbow and looked on jealously caressing her hard clit.

She was close enough for him to reach out and paw at her right globe feeling the ample flesh. Her short legs came and wrapped around his upper thighs as he held her big left boob in his and and nibbled the nipple. He pulled way out of her cunt and hard back in over and over sending her wild.

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He felt her buck at him as he pumped her pussy stretching open wide. Panting he move back and Kaley surprised him by pushing him onto his back , his big pole throbbing , and sank her gaping pussy down it. Placing her hands on his chest she slapped her butt on him hard taking his entire cock up her and her boobs jiggled on her chest as he looked up into her pretty eyes. Ray was in Heaven as he watched her lower her cunt on him , her butt felt spongy yet soft as she drove herself down in him. Then he stiffened and , with his cock buried in her he flooded h with his come. Kaley gasped as he pussy leaked out over his thighs and balls.

She rose up and Melissa moved to suck greedily on his pulsating cock. He twitched a couple more times as Kaley quickly joined in and both girls curled their tongues around the spent tool. Ashlynn had been taking evening classes in order to obtain a licence to sell Real Estate. She had her blonde hair in a ponytail down her back and her large 34 C breasts strained at the white cotton shirt that was tucked into her red mini skirt that finished half an inch decent. The intended look showed lots of leg and with the knee high white socks she looked a regular student.

Principal Spears looked up and she smiled radiantly as he sighed. Ashlynn , veteran of many adult movies before she stepped away , grinned slyly. She hesitated then bent over his seated knees , her cute ass sticking up in the air. He slowly raised her skirt over her firm buttocks and pulled the white panties a ways then slapped her hard. Ashlynn gasped and wriggled on his knees. He noted how sexy her ass was as it reddened.

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She lifted her butt higher and giggled softly. Spears tucked her skirt up to he lower back then removed her panties off her legs and she kicked them away with her shoe. He saw her incredibly smooth , shaven pussy poke from between her parted thighs , slightly moist he thought. He raised up his right hand and brought it down first on her right buttock , then the left , then right again in quick succession. Ashlynn screamed and he felt her body move against his making his cock stir. Spears let her roll off his knees breathing hard and he noted her heavy tits heaving under her blouse.

She gave him her pretty smile and leaned over and held onto his visible bulge. He shifted in the chair as she unzipped him and fished out his impressive erection. The big blue vein down the long shaft throbbed and she put the big bulbous head into her small mouth. It just about fit and she held it in her lips as she stroked the entire length of him from base up. She looked up at him with her doe like brown eyes and he melted groaning as she pleasured him. She made loud noises as she sucked energetically , drool running over from her mouth. He stood up so his trousers dropped to his shoes and pulled her to her feet.

Consumed with lust he gripped her blouse with both hands and rent it in two leaving it in rags on her arms.

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Braless her full rounded enhanced breasts fell free and he cupped them and licked on the nipples. Surprised , but excited Ashlynn felt behind her and unzipped her skirt and she was now naked save for the socks. She put her head on his shoulder and parted her legs so he could insert a finger up her easier.

Sitting her down on the armchair he lifted her legs up and wide so her slit was presented to him invitingly Spears shed his tie and shirt and knelt at her feet and pressed his big cock at her entrance and slipped the head inside. She seemed to suck his shaft in as her hips bucked and he filled her hot cunt right up. As she swung her legs around him and clamped on him tightly he drove into her thrusting with short strokes. He held her upturned rump ,still tender and flushed from the spanking , up from the chair and he penetrated her deep.

Her head shook side to side as his balls smacked against her soft flesh , her pussy seeped liquid and she whimpered. Her thighs trembled as her orgasm came. Spears pulled out of her , his long tool dripping and pulled her up so he could sit where she just was. Ashlynn placed her amazing sexy frame astride him and lowered her pussy taking all his glory inside her. She felt like a velvet glove round his pole as she rode up and down on him.

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Resting her hands on his chest rose up high then down hard so he completely filled her tight cunt. Reaching out to take her by the hips he pulled her strongly , grinding her back and forth on his cock so her pubic bone rubbed on him. This tipped him over the edge and she pulled off quickly kneeling down as he yelled and pointed his cock at her and erupted , gushing his cream all over her face and neck so it dripped in long thick strips from her. And he fell back laughing and nodded. Big dicks were best though, absolutely.

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But Miss April , that was happening and it was going to be sweet because, after all, Miss April always comes after Miss March. Good times.

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Boy did she have fun. In fact, a little worried about her hetero bona fides, she let one of the crew striking the set ball her that every afternoon. Chelsie loved parties, especially when the centerpiece of the party was sex. Long story. Right from the start, when the art director was positioning the girls he put Ciara on a yellow towel that would appear in the upper right hand corner of the cover and he put Chelsie in the bottom right position.

Chelsie was in a cute yellow bikini with a silly micro-skirt in the back; Ciara was in tiny pink number that seemed two sizes to small for her shapely body. Chelsie giggled and winked.