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Do your kids spend time on the internet? Are you worried about the content they see?

Here are top parental apps to shield kids from mature content. Step counter or trail blazer? Many kids loathe books.

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They find it boring and thus treat it as a chore. However, reading should be fun. Like the interest they have in playing a game or watching a movie, to encourage children to develop an excitement of literature through countless apps. Are you looking to learn about slime games and want to know if you can play with your whole family? These are apps that can help you achieve just that. Drawing made easy! Having trouble getting your children to clean their own room?

Check out the best apps designed to make chores fun for your kids! Girl power to the max! Explore magical kingdoms, solve forensic cases, and everything in-between with adventure games for girls of all ages. Use online resources and applications to learn about Chinese medicine. Learn all about what acupuncture, Chinese herbs, and how Chinese medicine can benefit you. Play through countless levels of TriPeaks Solitaire! Clear the three card pillars and solve loads of unique puzzles.

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Beloved for years, point and click games still remain popular for a reason. Employ all your strategic skills in these classic escape and mystery games. What is a platonic friendship? Platonic relationships are friendships between different genders without intimacy. Many people don't believe men and women can enjoy a truly platonic relationship.

With the best apps to make friends and platonic relationship rules, you can make non-romantic friends. Sometimes you want to talk to someone but you're in a place where you don't want to be overheard, or you're planning a surprise. Below are our suggestions for apps that can make this easier for you. Yoga on the go!

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Center yourself for a yoga session anywhere, anytime with the best core and power yoga poses at your fingertips. If take off and turbulence always have you clutching your armrest, it's time to get some help for your next flight. You can take control of your anxiety with information, meditations, and even games to help you relax and have a calm journey. Spades made easy! Learn how to play spades with easy online rule refreshers and rise to the top in this popular trick taking card game. Join forces with friends and allies to take down the enemy in these multiplayer FPS and third-person shooting games.

Management skills can be developed with the right tools and techniques in hand. If done right, you could market yourself better and drastically improve your chances of getting a good job. Assemble with the best of the superheroes and save the world when you explore the best superhero games. Experience a completely new approach to puzzles with great escape puzzle games.

Escape room games combine the best from all other puzzle games for hours of fun. Technology is wonderful, but it also can negatively affect your eyesight. Whether you naturally have poor vision or it's due to looking at your phone, apps can help. Keep your finger on the trigger in the undead world of zombie survival games!

Explore the top zombie shooting games and choose your own apocalypse. Liven up any party with easier-than-ever access to the most common and sometimes colorful drinking card games!

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  8. Play Bridge, one of the most popular card games in the world. Find your favorite Bridge card games and test your skill against other players. Whether you want to lower your handicap after years on the links or get started on the right foot, the proper golf clubs for your swing and each shot will be essential for elevating your performance. Morse Code is an old language that was originally intended for communication using telegraphs.

    However, technology has made it possible to use the language in other areas today. Find out how apps can help you learn the assistive communication technology for the blind.


    I used to get Dr Dobbs for the Forth code snippets back in the day. Chuck Moore is still doing amazing stuff. The GA processor chip with cores, brings a whole new paradigm to programming. It arrived on paper tape suitable for a teletype ASR Though the languages you mention might not be as popular as they were in the beginning, they are still heavily used. I know perl5 is actively developed and improved. If dislike were reason to kill off languages, we would probably all be jobless. Maybe too long, but it is getting in shape to make a whole lot of young programmers very happy.

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    It addresses all the dislikes people find in other — now popular — languages. Every language will have some problems along the line of their development. Why did GNU make it so hard to build gcc? It now depends on prohjects that depend on gcc. Wow, that is a way to kill yourself. Why does java have 6 different types off loggers, all alike, but killing eachother when loaded?

    Hard to mix. AIR is still used by a growing community of developers mostly for game development on iOS and Android. This article does not touch on any of the reasons that programming languages stick around. It just reads like a list of programming languages the author does not like. Let me go language by language:. Perl: Will not die before its users die. All of them. Keep in mind that Perl was the go-to language for most web programming in the 90s, and is also still commonly used for simple automation scripts and interface translations.

    These are things that programmers do, however, so while Perl usage is probably never going to grow or be visible again, it will still be used until all of its users retire.

    Minecraft Skyblock #1

    These are the things where efficiency does not matter. Ruby has also been getting more efficient in recent years. Ruby on Rails is wildly inefficient, uses magic as its primary design principle, and probably is about as dead as claimed. Adobe Flash and Air: We can all only hope that Flash is dead, but sadly no. The internet is still full of Flash advertisements, which were always the 1 use of Flash on the web.

    And even if Flash disappears from the internet completely, it is showing no signs of decay in its other major purpose: animation. Flash is one of the most popular tools for animating professional and less than professional cartoons. It may not mean a lot of programmers writing interesting code, but ActionScript will live on for the foreseeable future with cartoon animators. In fact your remarks are derivate and ad hoc:.

    People have all sorts of feelings about programming languages.