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I feel like those who would enjoy this story are cynics. I find the author to be pretty witty, but at the same time I can see how this is a little immature at times. Jul 31, Marina Furmanov rated it it was ok. Some good metaphors but essentially crap. To grow.. To be intrigued.. Well I learned about a guy who holds on to his past and learns that it is in fact a fake past.

That - to me- is sadder than holding on to a real past.

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I wish it had more depth than the rather grotesque and fake story of his fertilization. And then the negative lifestyle that he had - being a bank to those undeserving. I mean- it wa Some good metaphors but essentially crap. I mean- it was just depressing.. And long.. And nothing compared to jitterbug. Maybe some of Robbins other books.. But please don't compare it to jitterbug. There is nothing like it. And to compare sandlin to Jack Kerouac.. That's just insulting to "on the road".

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It's amazing how many men love this book so much. Probably because it involves a woman being gang raped. I wonder how these male readers would feel if a woman wrote a "heart felt" book about a guy being raped. They'd probably just call it 'man hate' and move on to something misogynistic like this so they can feel better about themselves.

And the lack of emotion I can roll my eyes enough! What a classless, tasteless attempt at "soul searching". Jul 21, Autum rated it it was amazing. Sandlin is brilliant when writing a story with a male as the main character. That is maybe why Sorrow Floats didn't cut it for me, the lead was a female. Social Blunders has everything; comedy, sorrow, loss, love, and delicious sarcasm! I recommend the Grovont Trilogy this book is the 3rd to anyone who has a sense of humor and a heart.

Sam Callahan main character is a confused mess of a writer, who goes to any lengths to help out the women in his life, that you can't help but fall in love with. Aug 22, Bill P. Sandlin's principle characters are in their 30s and the action has migrated out of GroVent for the most part to North Carolina. Sam Callahan's the principle focus again in search of his "true" father amongst the five candidates from Lydia's past.

This version is largely comical with scenes that made me laugh out loud.

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I am really looking forward to Lydia, the fourth recently announced novel in the series forthcoming in Spring In the meantime, I will be fitting in Sandlin's other backlist t Sandlin's principle characters are in their 30s and the action has migrated out of GroVent for the most part to North Carolina. Mar 21, Justin rated it liked it.

The third book in the "Skipped Parts" trilogy returns back to the main character in the first book, Sam Callahan. It is a little disappointing considering it is the last installment. I somewhat lost faith in Sam as he makes some relevant mistakes and acts a little childish as he embarks on his search for his birth father. I definitely would recommend to those who have read the first two simply because it does answer some questions that are still out there. Jan 12, Shea Kennedy rated it liked it. I like Sandlin. I like his quirky, strong, adaptable female characters.

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  • I even like the second string male characters. Sam Callahan, I had a hard time liking. The story was funny, particularly the surprise birthday party scene, but Sam was overly pathetic in this book. Sorrow Floats, Sandlin's second in the GroVont series, is much more thought provoking and earnest.

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    The ending of Social Blunders does make for some possibly good story lines in the next installment. Oct 06, Molly Kurland rated it it was amazing. I loved this book. It's the 3rd in the Grovont series.

    When it was over I wanted more so I went online searching for the author and found that he has a blog on myspace. I sent him a note letting him know how much I appreciate his books and I got a nice note back. How cool is that! Sandlin goes deep into complex characters. He's bright, quirky, funny And a very gifted writer. The words and story flow. It's very hard to put down. Jun 21, Erik rated it it was amazing. What a great conclusion to the trilogy. Can't wait to read the fourth book. Sam was so much more broken that I could have imagined.

    His heart is really in the right place, though. Seems Shannon is pretty messed up, too.

    I'd like a 5th book about Shannon. This could go on for more generations. Feb 24, Thulsy Eziranax rated it liked it. I could see why this book is called 'Social Blunders'. I did lose my interest towards the end of the book as if I wanted to be done with the book. However, the blunders of events that did happen throughout the book was interesting. I will not spoil the events for other readers. But there's nothing much to rave about.

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    I wouldn't say it's a must go and get this book now. Sep 21, emily rated it really liked it Shelves: titles-i-love , favorites , books-i-own , funny , family-drama , childhood-friendship , father-daughter-relationship , dark-comedyish , mother-son-relationship , dysfunctional-family. I've come to the conclusion that I should re-read the GroVont trilogy every few years or so. I think Tim Sandlin is a genius, or he had enough problems and put them into fictional characters in such a way that I feel more normal.