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It was as if a chill wind had swept through the room. If Ian was engaged in smuggling, he was more of a fool than she ever imagined. Without thinking, she noted the way his plaid grazed the tops of his socks as he sauntered with lithe grace to a group of guests not far from her chair. Her heart hammered so loud she was sure Dunstan must hear it.

Would he speak to her? Surely not. What would she say if he did? His words at their last meeting some nine years before had been horrid. But more recently he had responded to a written request to call his brother home with a surprising alacrity. For that at least she owed him a debt of gratitude. Now was not the time, however.

With luck, Ian would pass on by. Luck, as ever, was not her friend.

The Laird’s Forbidden Lover

Annoyance crossed Dunstan's face when Ian paused in front of them. Ever the gentleman though, Dunstan gestured to Selina. Or was it the feel of his hand on hers and the sensation of warm breath she could not possibly feel through her glove? Or was it merely his acknowledgement of recollection?

Heat flashed in her cheeks. He was the only man who had ever had the power to disturb her equilibrium. Years of careful training stood her in good stead, however, and she gave him her most brilliant smile. His mouth curved in a bitter smile. What did he have to be bitter about? It was her pride she'd ground into the dust by asking for his help for Alice. But the Gilvrys and the Albrights had always been enemies. Perhaps she was reading more into his expression than she should. Something to say. Dunstan frowned, then his brow cleared. You spent some time at Dunross Keep as a girl. You must have met then.

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L'Arc~en~Ciel - forbidden lover - Subtitle Indonesia - 25th L'Anniversary LIVE

Buy As Gift. Yet the return of Sassenach Selina and her family to claim his land ignites hatred and passion in equal measure.

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Lady Selina is torn between family loyalty and wanton need for Ian. Tricked into marriage, she finds the laird fulfils her every burning desire.

Amelia C. Gormley

But Ian is a man bound by duty. About the Author Ann Lethbridge majored in history and business. Show More. Average Review. Write a Review. Related Searches. Captured for the Captain's Pleasure. Captain Michael Hawkhurst relishes his fearsome reputation, for he lives only to wreak revenge on Captain Michael Hawkhurst relishes his fearsome reputation, for he lives only to wreak revenge on the Fulton family, who so cruelly destroyed his own.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Spirited Alice Fulton knows a ship is no place for a lady, but she is determined to View Product. Deliciously Debauched by the Rake. Elizabeth Bentham has been John, Lord Radthorn's lover for five glorious years. But she wants But she wants him to have a chance to marry a respectable lady, not a woman with her tarnished reputation.

Elizabeth thinks telling him their relationship has lost Forbidden Flame. He'd be her friend but never her lover Caroline's job as governess at a Mexican hacienda Caroline's job as governess at a Mexican hacienda was more demanding than she'd dreamed possible. Her employer, Esteban, was an evil and vulgar man, and he wanted her.

She turned for help to Luis Haunted by the Earl's Touch. No man has ever wanted her for herselfWhen she arrives at Beresford Abbey, orphan Mary No man has ever wanted her for herselfWhen she arrives at Beresford Abbey, orphan Mary Wilder's hopes of finding a place to belong are dashed when she meets Bane Beresford, the enigmatic earl. But I admit, a part of it was just wanting to see if I could do it, knowing Riptide is particular about who they accept and solicit for submissions.

I wanted to know if I could make the cut. Are you attending any conventions in the next year where readers can meet you? Do you think any of your readers would be surprised to meet you in person? Young men now, their sexual explorations have deepened and their love for each other has strengthened.

Facing a lifetime apart, Iain and Tavish must leave their childhoods behind for good as they choose between honor and love, innocence and happiness, and their vows before God and to each other. About Amelia C. The raw vitality he exuded drew and held every female eye in the room. Including her own. He was the last man she had expected or wanted to see at Lord Carrick's drum.

Hopefully, he wasn't here to make trouble. His gaze swept the room and, to her chagrin, her heart raced as she waited for some acknowledgement of her presence in his sky-blue eyes. When his gaze reached her and halted, she couldn't breathe. Her heart tumbled over. An expression of horror flickered across his face, then his gaze moved on. The sting of rejection lashed her anew. She cared not one whit for Ian Gilvry's opinion.

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He might have been the first man, or rather boy, to kiss her, but it had been a clumsy attempt and not worth thinking about. Especially not when their families were at daggers drawn. No further explanations were needed. Chrissie looked down her nose. What is he doing here? I thought only the real nobility were invited. On his mother's side. On anyone else Chrissie would have declared it romantic. Deliciously so.

Oh, that was not the way she should be thinking about a man who held her and her family in contempt. She felt herself colour. She shrugged. From the corner of her eye, she watched Ian stroll across the room to greet a friend with a smile that lit his face and transformed him from stern to charming. What, was she still fooled by his smile? She didn't give tuppence for Ian Gilvry or his brothers. They were proud, arrogant men who would stop at nothing to put her father off land they considered their own.

As if sensing her watching, he glanced her way.

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Their gazes clashed for no more than a second. Heat flooded her cheeks.

The Laird's Forbidden Lady by Ann Lethbridge | NOOK Book (eBook) | Barnes & Noble®

She swiftly turned away. Your father particularly asked me to get to know her better and this is the first time she has not been surrounded by crowds of people. Will you be all right here by yourself? Chrissie was being her usual sweet self and she had promised herself she would vanquish her annoyance at the young woman's attempt to play the mother.