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That in sleep you curl up completely, a red plastic fish. Look at you flickering. And it means you are stubborn. It means you are constant. It means your little dance. If I spoke Russian, dearest, I would say to you From whom did you receive a letter? Who was wearing a pretty dress? What does this word mean? What are you writing? What happened?

Amelia Martens on The Spoons in the Grass are There to Dig a Moat

Nothing to live on. I feel like sleeping. You feel like sleeping.

We feel like going to the movies. My teen parents divorced when I was three. My father wanted nothing to do with me. He openly hated all blacks because once he was almost mugged by one. This thing raised me.

My mother was a sucker for handsome cretins. Then Charles Manson could be my dad.

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Very likely an upgrade. At least CM wrote good songs. I waited until I was forty to father my first child.

I tried very hard to decontaminate myself. But that long decontamination project itself contaminates you. You have taught creative writing and literature courses at UC Davis, Mt. Talk about your work as a teacher of writing. What texts do you bring into the classroom that help students begin to write?

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How does the intellectual rigor and play of the classroom inform your poetry? It forced them to think and write about what they value in creativity, scholarship, achievement. They usually also had to reckon with confidence and humility. This was a successful assignment, necromancy popping off all over Room of Rolfe Hall. Then we had a mock trial to determine whether the speaker from that book should be exiled from the state. I always ruled in favor of exile, because it would make for better future poems.

I am a reckless magistrate.

‘Law & Order’ by Jerimee Bloemeke

I teach that poetry as if it were erotic science fiction, more exquisitely expressed than anything else their eyes are likely to light on. It might even be relevant in the real world. All of this informs my writing by constantly educating me. To discard unproductive prejudices. Discussing the reading constantly inspires me, too.

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I dance close to the cliff. I find that students are by and large fans of that kind of dancing, as long as they can hear the music.

Amelia Martens on The Spoons in the Grass are There to Dig a Moat

Buying a chapbook is one of the last ways to feel that a book has actually been lovingly assembled by a person. The downside is the limited nature of the books: once they are gone, they are often gone for good.

But maybe that is part of the beauty of the form—it is limited, unlike many things in our very virtual world. What to do, then, with online chapbooks? Many online chapbook publishers go with a very basic, easy-to-read and easy to access PDF model.