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It is a great place for families with kids of all ages. No one is certain why those people left or died out, though drought and attacks from others are two popular theories. The location is Coconino Forest, close to Sedona. The Arizona Natural History Association runs the site which is open to the public throughout the year.

Arizona perhaps does not get the credit it deserves for wine production, certainly outside the USA. The only problem in following the Verde Valley Wine Trail is that you will need a driver in order to enjoy it.

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If you follow the whole trail you will be going to five wineries and visiting six rooms purely for tasting. The trail covers a number of towns in the valley including Sedona, and you will certainly be able to taste differences between the wide variety of wines you will be offered. Even if you have no plans to do any shopping while you are in Sedona, you should still go to this famous Arts and Crafts Village. Situated close to Oak Creek, even the village itself is interesting, with the typical traditional Mexican style.


It has been a landmark in Sedona for almost half a century. From the initial idea of creating an artistic community, Tiaquepaque is now much more than that. You will see some very skillful work and perhaps even meet its creator. Products include art, jewelry, weaving and textiles, which you will certainly be tempted to buy.

This park just north of Sedona was originally a family homestead, keeping livestock and growing apples. It became a state park in It had needed a good irrigation system to help the orchard thrive. Rustic cabins were built in the 30s for visitors to the area to stay.

Over apple trees still survive today, and the park is run jointly by the Forest Service and Arizona State Parks. It has been used widely in film, and you should go to see why it has created such an impact on visitors.

25 Best Things to Do in Sedona, Arizona

For beauty, this hiking loop trail is able to compete with any in the region. You will be walking at a height of 4, feet.

At times you will get degree panorama over the many landmarks, with many featuring the red rocks typical of Sedona. Parking is available at the start of the trail but its popularity means that the parking lot is sometimes full. Your photographs will get pride of place in your album. You can take your dog on a lead if you choose this 6-mile hike, and include your pup in the beauty of this 6-mile hike.

You may see gila monsters and lizards, and you are certain to see a variety of birds, including the colorful blue jay.

25 Best Things to Do in Sedona, Arizona

The terrain varies from desert to forest, with some early stretches arguably the best for taking photographs. You should take plenty of water with you on a hot day, although you will find shade along the way. The trail is well-marked with basket cairns, with the initial ascent fairly straightforward. Once you reach a plateau, you may want to stop for a while simply to take in the lovely views. A little later on the trail, there is a decision to make: continue on a far more difficult route or be happy with what you have seen.

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If you continue, the climb is at 45 degrees for around 40 feet. The decision is yours, with slippery conditions after wet weather, but good foot and hand holds if the weather is dry. If you continue, the views are amazing at the end of the trail. A student of Frank Lloyd Wright built this chapel back in in a location where it is surrounded by huge red rocks, which are typical of the region. Marguerite Brunswig Staude wanted to create something that paid tribute to the Catholic Church and on seeing the red rocks, she decided this place was ideal.

If you can select a time to go there, pick a time when the sunlight hits the stained-glass windows. Even those not remotely interested in religion are certain to be impressed. You may be surprised to get something more regularly associated with Buddhism in Arizona. Similar stupas are found in Asia, some built over 2, years ago. However, this stupa, surrounded by smaller red spires and stunning pines, has been impressing visitors since The stupa is just 36 feet high and opens each morning at sunrise, staying open until the sun sets. There are two hands-on programs for school kids: they can embark on a scavenger hunt or dig through the Museum's activity book.

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Renamed Sedona Arts Center in , it became, as it is today, the hub of the community's social and creative life. The Center was greatly expanded with the addition of a new building that houses the community theatre, an art gallery, and a classroom space. The Arts Center emphasizes the important education, as evidenced by their modern School of the Arts and numerous visual art exhibitions. The gallery has the largest selection of artwork by Sedona artists in the country.

The tours are completely private and customizable. You choose where you want to go, and knowledgeable guide Jim Reich, who knows the area, its history, and its wines, will accompany you. The car is enclosed and air-conditioned, protecting you from the heat and the red dust for which the area is famous.

You can choose any of their regular tours, from the three-hour-long Arizona Estate Vineyard Tasting Experience to the ten-hour-long Bachelorette Special. Several tours even include a one-hour massage. For an additional fee, you can visit a restaurant along the way, or you can ask Jim to organize a picnic.

One is an exquisite secret garden, the perfect place for a romantic lunch. You will find dishes made from carefully selected ingredients, many of which are organic and gluten-free, and that have been creating using a farm-to-table philosophy. The flavors are blended to perfection and dishes are so beautifully presented that they look like art.

Chef Lisa Dahl uses freshest ingredients for her nightly specials, adhering to a farm-to-table practice by working with local producers and growers. Try her pasta, which is fast becoming legendary. Frequent live music provided by a pianist on a baby grand in the corner of the dining room add to the intimate ambience. Flowering vines cover stucco walls, cobble-stoned walkways lead to bubbling cool fountains, and entryways offer glimpses of beautiful art within.

The Village is located on the banks of Oak Creek and shaded by the old sycamore trees. Enjoy strolling through more than 40 unique shops and colorful galleries where you will see one-of-a kind art pieces in all mediums, from Western bronze sculptures, traditional ceramics, breathtakingly beautiful blown glass, Southwestern fine art paintings, weavings, photographs, decorative arts, fine jewelry, designer silk, and leather wear, among other wares.

The Village was envisioned as an art colony, so you still might get a glimpse of a sculptor working with complete focus on his piece of stone or metal. Nearby, a picturesque creek runs through the magnificent Oak Creek Canyon, providing guests with a spectacular vista. He sources his ingredients locally, using organic produce and products whenever possible. The menu changes weekly, but popular signature dishes are always available. Breakfasts at Creekside are also legendary. You can also enjoy one of their special cocktails on a separate patio by the creek. A vortex is a place near or on an interesting rock or rock formation where people feel a beneficial source of energy.

Sedona is famous for its many well-known and celebrated vortexes. Sedona Red Rock Tours Company is authorized by the US Forest Service to take you directly to the vortex sites where the spiritual energy fields work their magic.

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  4. You will be picked up in an air-conditioned vehicle and taken on one of their many tours. Depending on your choice, tours take from 90 minutes to four hours. You will be guided by trained guides who will tell you anecdotes about each site you visit, their history, and what people have experienced there in the past. You will do a lot of hiking, so bring good shoes.